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Dog Rehabilitation/Training/Psychology


Rozanna would like to provide you with a more detailed insight into her experience, to enable you the dog owner, to gain a better understanding of what she does when possibly looking for a suitable dog specialist.

Rozanna has over 20 years professional experience both overseas and here in Australia. The majority of Rozanna's work has been related to problem dogs and the rehabilitation of these dogs by training the owners and teaching them a better understanding of dog psychology and pack mentality.

Rozanna's methods are all based on “pack mentality”, utilising positive reinforcement to gain desired responses and teaching dog owners a better understanding of why their dogs do what they do, and how to correct unwanted behaviour.

On consultation & session appointment, Rozanna will use a fully trained, 100% balanced dog as a visual teaching aid during her sessions. This will allow the clients to observe what the end result should achieve and to demonstrate certain training techniques. Rozanna's demonstration dog's (Kaiser), a male German Shepherd, and (Jerry), a young male Jack Russel X, are also utilised in helping people with their own ‘fear’ of dogs and they also assist Rozanna with the rehabilitation of dog aggression issues, or dogs that may have insecure problem behaviour and submissive issues.




Developing Trust & Understanding!