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Dog Rehabilitation/Training/Psychology

About Rozanna's

Dog Rehabilitation/Training/Psychology

Rozanna has currently over 20 years professional experience both overseas and here in Australia. The majority of Rozanna's work has been related to problem dogs and the rehabilitation of these dogs by training the owners and teaching them a better understanding of dog psychology and pack mentality.

For the past 20 years, Rozanna has continuously expanded on her knowledge and training by gathering information and working with top trainers around the world, however all Rozanna's knowledge, methodologies and techniques are self driven as she studied dog psychology for many years and has only the various breeds of dogs during this time to thank for the success of her knowledge.

Some of Rozanna's experience and work include;

  • Schutzhund Training: General Duties Police dogs, Narcotic Detection dogs, Bomb Detection dogs, Article Detection dogs &Tracking/Man-trailing dogs (overseas).
  • In Australia: Owned & operated dog training/rehabilitation centre (Gold Coast). Rehabilitated problem dogs with aggression, submission and biting issues. Conducted training for general dog behavioural problems such as, barking, jumping, walking plus basic & advanced obedience training.
  • Lead Trainer for ‘Disability Aid Dogs Australia’ (2002)
  • Lectured in various primary schools on animal husbandry with the RSPCA, and on invitation directly to the training/rehabilitation centre.
  • Qualified Pet Nutritionist – Level 1, Sponsored by Hills Science Diet

The majority of Rozanna's training consists of modifying problem behaviours in dogs. Subsequently, in the past 12 years, Rozanna has dedicated her time to private one-on-one sessions with dog owners who want to modify their dog’s behaviour, or just owners who want the best start for their new puppy! Many of Rozanna's clients also stay with her for further advanced training even once the desired behaviour has been achieved.

Current available sessions include;

·         Puppy – Advanced Psychology & Puppy training (Puppy Mentoring)

·         Problem Dog Rehabilitation - (Aggression/Submission/Biting)

·         Basic Obedience/Advanced Obedience

·         Problem Behaviour – (Barking/Jumping/Walking/Recall)

·         Detection Dogs

·         Personal & Property Protection (Conditions apply)

All rehabilitation/training is based on “pack mentality” methodologies and techniques are taught using positive reinforcement and timing.

Demonstrations with a fully trained, 100% balanced dog provided in sessions as a visual teaching aid.

Would you like your dog to walk off-leash, by your side, under full control, anywhere?

For current prices and descriptions on the various training offers, see Price List.

Read Rozanna's personal message in Methodologies.

Rozanna would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


Covering Brisbane - Gold Coast.

Developing Trust & Understanding!