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Dog Rehabilitation/Training/Psychology

A BIG welcome to Kaiser. Kaiser

joined my pack as a five month old puppy in 2013. Kaiser is currently in training to support Chinook as a Demo Dog and is doing really well. Chinook turned 12 years old this year, so she is thrilled to be able to enjoy her senior years now, and let Kaiser do most of the work.

Kaiser is still undergoing different tests and training to perform at his best for any client, and I am positive that he will not disappoint.


Photo of Kiowah.

04/03/2002 - 14/04/2012

RIP Kiowah. Always in our hearts. He was with a heavy heart put to rest at 12:30 on the 14th April 2012. Sleep well my friend.

Canine Degenerative Myelopathy!!!

General Information;

I have recently discovered that my male German Shephard "Kiowah" is suffering a terriable disease namely, 'Canine Degenerative Myelopathy'.

(See description on right)

Approximately 6 months ago we noticed that he was losing a conciderable amount of power in his hind legs. It didnt appear to be painful, nor did I think that he was experiencing any major discomfort. I concidered 'Arthritis', but it just got rapidly worse and was concerning me greatly.

We tried a 4 week course of injections (Cartrophon) to see if it would slow the process, but the percentage of recovery was very low. We thought we would give it a go anyway to see if it would make a difference, but unfortunately it did not. 

After this we were confronted with a lack of options. For the amount of years I have spent working in close relations with various veterinarians, I had never come across this, so I was at a loss.

We then thought about acupuncture! Maybe this would work - still not knowing exactly what was happening to our boy who had on the 4th March 2012 turned 9 years of age.

We looked it up and then found Dr Ester HORTON. Ester works at the Greencross Vet clinic in Mt Ommaney. She knew all about this aweful disease and was willing to help, so we prceeded to book Kiowah in for acupuncture therapy.

Finally we found someone who had an answer to our questions, and we were so greatful. We now know what disease Kiowah has and we also know that there is no cure, but at least we can treat him for some time with acupuncture to possibly extend his time with us. I know that his time left won't be long as I see his symptoms worsening every day. Inevitably he will become paralysed. This saddens me so much that even typing this is making me cry. For those who know me well, know that I will not let Kiowah get to that stage and will make the ultimate decision when the time comes to put him to rest. For those who did meet Kiowah, please say a little prayer for him. He is an amazing dog who has given so much to others.


Canine Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Also, known as 'Chronic Degenerative Radiculmyelopathy.

DM is an uncommon, progressively degenerative disease of the spinal cord which causes hind limb weakness, lameness and eventually paralysis.

With this disease, the myelin sheath that normally protects the spinal neurons disintergrate, exposing the underlying nerve fibers and disrupting the communication pathways between the brain and spinal cord.

The precise cause of degenerative myelopathy in unknown. Many authorities suspect that this is an immune - mediated disorder simular to multiple sclerosis (MS) in people.