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Dog Rehabilitation/Training/Psychology


Rozanna's words;

This message is to you, the reader. 

I have been lucky enough to have helped people in many countries all over the world and had the honour of training dogs with many top trainers overseas and here in Australia. In this time, I have seen and tried pretty much every method and training technique that was new, popular or already existed to train dogs for any purpose. Although many of these techniques and methods were great and would gain results, there was always one method that never changed for me and never failed and that is the understanding of the dog as a "pack animal". The methodologies of communicating with your dog the way your dog understands. This is the basis of my teachings to others now even after two decades of working with dogs. 

I developed a passion in studying dog psychology and training approximately 20 years ago. It all began when I was a child really, approximately 12 years old. That is when I was given my first male German shepherd puppy. This dog was mine, and I was responsible for his training and raising him. I knew then what I needed to do even without any experience because it all just fell into place and the understanding was like second nature to me. I remember when I brought him home, playing with him out in the front yard (no fence off course) and my mother telling me to put the dog on a lead to keep him safe and under control. My response to her was "NO". Not that I was trying to disobey her, but I remember myself thinking, if he is my dog, then he will have to follow me everywhere I go, and if he wants to come with me, he'll just have to keep up. I was a child with no fears or anxieties. I was just a girl with a dog and I became his leader without even knowing it.

This dog became my mentor. He taught me so much and made me want to know and understand as much as I possibly could about dog training. He was brilliant! I could go on and on about him forever, however this page would turn into a 300 page book. Let’s just say that ever since then, I have never been without a dog or five. I have always had them in my life for various purposes and always will.

It wasn’t long after working with trainers that I realised that there was a lot more to just getting a dog to do what I wanted. Training is great, because it builds a bond with you and your dog while teaching him/her different controlled tasks. However as necessary as training is, taking a dog out of the house to do 15 minutes of Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, Down every day isn’t going to teach your dog the most important lesson in its life. What your dog needs and what your dog seeks is leadership. We are human, and nurturing by nature. I never blame anyone for making one of the biggest mistakes we make with our dogs, because you are just human. What I mean by this is the false state of mind that our dogs will become, or think they are human too. We tend to treat our dogs like they are our children; this mind set however doesn’t make sense to our dogs. Dogs will never be human; they are pack animals with instinctive behaviours. It’s our job to understand them as best we can to develop trust and understanding. We need to create balance in our dogs, and the only way to create this balance is to be a calm and balanced leader.

A dog responds to tone and body language. Being calm, balanced and an assertive leader will help your dog understand where it fits in to the pecking order or ranking structure of your pack. If you show signs of fear, anxiety, confusion or distrust, then your dog will see this behaviour as 'weakness', and will have no other choice than to take on the role of leader, or become the fearful, anxious and confused dog its leader is teaching it to be. This creates an unbalanced environment for the dog and this in return develops behavioural issues.    

I have been there through it all. I have been through the chewing, barking, jumping, digging, the mouthing and dog aggression, the fear biters, submissive and dominant behaviours. It’s all been presented in some way or another during the years. I have taken on puppies, adult dogs with issues, young dogs to re-home and police/military dogs in training for specific tasks. I too work a full time job and know exactly what it’s like to be busy.

The drive that keeps me going to continuously help others understand what I have learnt over two decades; is the reward of seeing a massive change in a person's (families) life and the dogs stability once they achieve that special bond with their dog/s through pure understanding and knowledge. My mission is to teach dog owners an understanding of "pack mentality" and how to achieve their goals through this knowledge. It really is simple; however requires full dedication, and the willingness to possibly modify some of their usual routines to achieve what they want. 

Sometimes my techniques and holistic approaches to your problem may be modifying your usual routine that you have adapted to your dog. I will teach you things like; claiming your space, changing set routines (e.g. feeding, walking, playing etc), How to lead with confidence, expectations, controlling behaviours by using invitation (e.g. walking through doors, gates, getting on/off furniture etc), how to change excited behaviours to calm/relaxed behaviours and controlled training, gaining road sense and off leash control etc.

There is no magic trick, or secret knowledge that I hold to myself. I share all my knowledge and experience with you. My aim is to reach your desired goal with your dog. Whatever your achievement may be, then that's where I'm headed! I am extremely passionate about changing the relationship you have with your dog for the better, and creating the perfect balance within your pack.

Rozanna Henriksen

Dog Specialist 

Developing Trust & Understanding!