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Dog Rehabilitation/Training/Psychology

Please be advised that some changes have recently been made. Because of the high volume of enquiries and the long waiting periods to make a booking, most sessions will now be booked and conducted in Upper Coomera (Gold Coast). Some cases will still need to be addressed in the dogs own environment. This will be based on the nature of the dog behaviour. The assistance provided will still remain the same.

Price list

Initial Consultation (Approx. 1.5 - 2hrs) $160

Private Lessons (1hr) $100

Private Lessons (1.5hrs) $180

Personal Training (1.5hrs) $250

Personal Training (3hrs) $350

Stay and Train (1-2 weeks) $600 per week (based on availability)

Personal & Property Protection (Conditions Apply) $TBA 


Initial Consultation;

Before deciding on what techniques are needed to modify any behaviour, Rozanna will personally attend the client’s home to view the dog/s in their own environment and discuss with the owner what desired outcomes they want to achieve. Rozanna provides the dog’s owner a full understanding of what is required and insight into the training and rehabilitation methods. (Approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs). Rozanna techniques often modify most behaviours during the first consultation visit. $160

Private Lessons;

These lessons are designed with the dog’s owner present. Every lesson is done one-on-one, with focus on both the dog and owner’s needs. The client (owner) is taught various techniques and methodologies relating to their dog with 100% personalised contact. This allows the dog’s owner to obtain knowledge and understanding of how to modify the dog’s behaviour. (Option for 1 or 1.5 hr sessions) $100 - $180

Personal Training;

These lessons are personalised for the dog. As modifying behaviours consists of praise/correction and timing, this allows for a more direct impact on the dogs understanding and learning. Rozanna will personally work with the client’s dog/s affording the dog direct learning (it is optional for the dog’s owner to be present during these sessions). This is usually chosen by clients with busy lifestyles that are just not available for the duration of training sessions or for dogs that require more immediate attention. This option is by far the quickest way to achieve results as there is no handler correcting. The clients receive ‘handover’ (private lessons) and follow up lessons once the dog has achieved desired results to gain the same control.

(Option for 1.5 or 3 hr sessions) $250 - $350

Stay and Train;

Designed for dogs that require the presence of pack learning in a balanced environment to acheive desired results. The dog will stay and live with Rozanna and her pack for the required time to rehabilitate problem behaviour. The dog will follow and learn from instinctive pack behaviours created in a positive balanced environment. While the dog is learning from the pack, Rozanna can focus on the dogs needs on a daily basis and quickly modify undesired behaviours before returning the dog back into its own environment. The clients will receive 'handover' lessons on return and follow up lessons to allow the client (owner) to maintain the behaviour in the form of private lessons. This option also used for owners that are away on a holiday and the dog would be boarding. They choose this option for the convenience of having their dog placed in a safe environment and getting the personal training at the same time. (Option of 1 or 2 weeks) $600 per week (Based on availability)

Personal & Property Protection;

Training only conducted after a satisfactory assessment of control has been obtained. An aggression test and obedience/control assessment will be done during consultation. Costs to be advised during consultation depending on training required. (For more information please contact Rozanna) $TBA

Payment options;

1) Cash payment at time of appointment, or

2) Electronic/Direct bank deposit to a nominated account.

Please advise if payment will be made via bank deposit and account details will be provided to you upon appointment.

To make an appointment please contact Rozanna

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