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Dog Rehabilitation/Training/Psychology


Thank you so much Rozanna, for finding our Barney for us! We told Rozy that we wanted a very specific kind of dog to match our lifestyles, and the fact that we had kids and cats. Within a very short space of time Rozy had found Barney for us, took us to meet him, gave my son excellent advice and guidance on how to introduce a new dog to our home, and added some "orientation" training for Barney - and us! Chinook and Jerry taught Barney some manners and he learned to be happy and secure again. We couldn't be happier: for an unknown "rescue" dog, Barney has become the most beloved pet in our family, he is the sweetest, kindest dog and thanks to Rozy, can even be walked by my son on his own. Can't praise you enough, and Barney now has a happy family life ahead of him for many years. Thanks Rozy and Chinook and Jerry!

Lisa, Paddy and David

“ When Rozanna first came to work with us we were at the end of our tether and had just about every possible problem in the book. Two dogs that would fight, food aggression, barking, nipping, jumping, puppy toileting problems, jealousy, destructive behaviour, hounds that couldn’t be walked easily on a lead. I was convinced that I would have to re-home our new dog. After just one week, I was the last person to be too optimistic about the dogs and how they were going with the training, but if I didn't know any better I would say that someone stole my hounds during the night and replaced them with obedient robots. Amazingly, within a matter of six weeks Rozanna had us under control – we are now 95% there, her technique is amazing and her constant support is really something really special. It is a truly awful thing to adore and trust a dog for many years and then to lose that trust when a new dog is introduced and they become aggressive. It has been a scary ride – what can I say? Thanks Rozy – If anyone can get us there 100%, you can, and Sherlock, Ellie and I know you will – we are forever in your debt.

Thank you!”

Helen & Neil

"I put both my dogs through puppy school and the next level but still I didn't feel I had control enough to let my guys off the lead or stop them going nuts whenever I got visitors. I had read all the books and watched all the TV shows but still wasn't getting the results I wanted. I was considering trying remote collars but thankfully I found Rozanna first. Rozy has been a god send! She is Australia's version of the dog whisperer. I now confidently let my dogs run free on the beach. Thanks Rozy for always being available to answer any of my questions and teaching me to be the "leader of the pack".


"After getting our new puppy Bella (who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback) my husband and I needed to train her as we recently had become grandparents and big dogs around kids need to be controlled.

The last time I had done any training was 14 years ago and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that same training again. I met Rozy via our pet groomer Westside Paws who recommended her to me and after our first meeting I knew that this is how I wanted my dog and myself to be trained. Already after 4 and a half months my 11 month old puppy is doing advanced training and doing it well.

The difference I found with Rozy’s method of training is that I had to remain calm but assertive. By becoming the “pack leader” Bella soon realized that I was in control and by remaining calm this also influenced her behaviour.

I would recommend Rozy to anyone wanting to have their dog trained as her method is easy to follow and understand".

Diane & Darryl

"Rozanna, I think we were extremely lucky to have been directed to you for training our beautiful German Shepherd Hudson. Having never had a dog at all in our family, we knew that it was going to be a huge task, looking after and bringing up such a strong breed of dog.

My friend and I both travelled to Sydney to buy two pedigree brothers and both had discussed training and the benefits. By some sheer luck, a neighbour recommended Rozanna who proved an absolute asset. Rozanna’s method of training was not only for the dog but naturally for the owner as well and I truly believe that approach made all the difference in bringing up a healthy and happy pup.

Prior to training with Rozanna, we had visited a local vet for puppy school, which was valuable, however the focus remained on the pup and not on the owner and as we trained with Rozanna, that focus shifted and became clearer that the training was just as much for us as well as our dog Hudson.This ultimately helped us manage our dog with an immensely different approach with positive outcomes. We were also very lucky to have had Rozanna babysit our young Hudson as we took an earlier than expected trip overseas and we were so grateful. She is an absolutely gifted person when it comes to training dogs and we can only recommend her ability and services to the highest degree.

Thank you Rozanna and wish you well in your continued endeavour to help others like ourselves. All the best!"

Marta and Barry